Must-Know Information About Mobile Notaries

Getting your documents notarized can be inconvenient because of the requirements you must bring. Before worrying about the notarization process, you should worry first about looking for a notary public. Aside from the availability of the notary public could be a problem, you might also find it hard to visit one because of your busy schedule.

Fortunately, you can now try the mobile notary instead of waiting in your home or office. Through hiring one, you can get the convenience of having your documents notarized at the comfort of your home or office. It is very convenient because the mobile notary will be the one to travel to your location. Instead of making an appointment to go to the notary public office, all you have to do is to set your preferred date and time for the mobile notary to visit you.

You can get more details below about online notary or mobile notary.

What is a Mobile Notary?

Mobile notaries are best used for processing mortgage documents because you will need the documents signed with different people. It would be easier to gather everyone at a preferred time through hiring a mobile notary. Another example is when a mortgage closing is happening across state lines. Take note that mobile notaries can offer different services which make them more convenient for everyone.

However, you should also remember that mobile notary can have different rates and rules depending on the state. Other notaries ask for additional fees to cover for the mileage as well as the convenience fee. It is still a win-win situation because you do not have to travel anymore and wait in line in notary public offices if you choose mobile notaries.

What are the different documents that can be notarized?

Found here is a list of documents that you can notarize:

  • Long Distance Agreements

If you and the other party stay in varying regions, you might need to get proper notarization to ensure the identity and to avoid fraud.

  • Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a very important legal document that should be handled with extra caution and preciseness. Through this document, you can grant another person to decide and act on your behalf.

Despite granting limited power to the person, it is important to get everything notarized to avoid the abuse of the opportunity given to the person.

  • Medical Documents

Another important document that should be notarized is medical documents. It includes the kinds of treatment that a person is willing to undergo and not willing to undergo once the person is incapacitated by either illness or injury. Some people call these health care declarations or living wills.

The notarization of these documents is important so there will be no dispute if any treatments were given against the patient’s will or if the doctor did not give full treatment requested by the person.

Moreover, health care proxies are always notarized because they are allowed to make important health care decisions for another individual.

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